Michael's Surfside Hotel Puntarenas Costa Rica,Puntarenas, Hotel,  Discount, Luxury, Apartment, Beachfront, Rainforest, Cloudforest, Surf, Surfing
Costa Rica, Puntarenas, hotel, motel, Monteverde, selva tropical, resaca, practicando surf, turismo ecológico, bosque de la nube, rana de árbol roja del ojo, playa, partido, habitación de lujo de madera de la teca, hotel del descuento. Paraíso tropical
Michael's Surfside Hotel, Puntarenas, Costa Rica, Discount, Luxury,Apartment,Beachfront,Rainforest,Surf,Surfing,
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Costa Rica
The Adventure Hotels of Costa Rica - an assortment of sun, sand, and surf hotels, cool mountain inns with panoramic views, extreme adventure lodges, bed and breakfasts and nature retreats.
Adventure Inn is a participating member of a select group of boutique, small hotels located on the beach, in the mountains, near National Parks, and all offering nearby adventure activities.
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